We are a user experience research and usability consultancy that focuses on the human side of technology. We note when people get frustrated, smile at a beautiful design, or need something that doesn’t yet exist. This research ensures that your product is easy and delightful to use.

We conduct research for websites, apps, home automation systems, robots, prototypes and other big ideas.


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 Jessica Steinbomer, Co-Founder

Experienced in teaching, leading groups, public speaking and UX research, Jessica is a  somatic practitioner and UX researcher. Whether working with businesses or individuals, Jessica observes the patterns, messages and innate wisdom of systems in order to serve as a guide to overall wellbeing.  Jessica utilizes her analytical perspective as a researcher and business owner merged with a holistic perspective  from Hakomi and somatic modalities to facilitate integration in the realms of health in both body and business. In addition to research, Jessica leads workshops, trainings and retreats in deep listening, personal resourcing and work life balance. Jessica is the co-author of "Heart of UX" a curriculum designed to assist researchers in mastering the art and science of UX research.


Jon-Eric Steinbomer, Co-Founder

For almost 20 years, Jon-Eric has been a human-centric pioneer in the tech industry, conveying people's stories as a researcher and educator. As the co-founder of Progress, he's partnered with companies like Amazon, Google, Nissan and Microsoft to build connections between the people who develop technology and those who use it. He has taught the UX Design Methods at General Assembly, lectured at the University of Texas iSchool, and provided individual research coaching sessions to those wishing to deepen their research skills. 


Working at Progress

Positive. We work well together because we take time to connect and enjoy each other’s company. We especially like game nights, eating lunch together, and going to yoga. Not to brag, but last year we even went on a team retreat to Hawaii.

Exciting.  We work with some incredible clients and sometimes get sneak peaks of products before they are released to the public. Each project comes with new challenges and new connections to be made.

Dynamic. We take on many roles. Sometimes we are project managers, sometimes researchers, sometimes video editors. Always, we are learning.

Healthy. We take breaks to stretch, run up and down the stairs, bounce on yoga balls, and take walks in the sunshine. We support each other in balancing work with life.

Impactful. In our small team, each member makes a huge difference. We pursue our individual interests in new clients, new methods, new ideas--anything large or small--and discuss it with the group. Each member helps co-create the company’s future.

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If you are interested in working at Progress, please reach out to us at business@experienceprogress.com with any questions or to submit your cover letter and resume.