Voting for our SXSW panel is live!

Today is the day! Voting for SXSW panel ideas is now open. We would greatly appreciate your support for our panel idea, Cultivating Attuned Connections in UX Research.

How to vote: 
1. Check out our panel idea.
2. Click the thumbs up if you like what you see!
3. You will be prompted to create a sign-in.
4. Create your sign-in.
5. Complete your vote!

We are excited and deeply honored to partner with Flint Sparks and Nic Askew to answer the following questions: 
1. How can researchers use their personal presence to expand and deepen the field of inquiry rather than detract from it?
2. How can researchers convey the user's experience in a way that elicits empathy in design teams and executive decision makers?
3. What do researchers need to be in a state of empathic attunement?

We appreciate your support and welcome your feedback!