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Do you have a usability project you would like to discuss? Or perhaps you're curious about our process and how UX research could help your company. Whatever your reason, we want to hear from you!

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Our research lab and offices are located in Austin, Texas.


  • Positive. We work well together because we take time to connect and enjoy each other’s company. We especially like game nights, eating lunch together, and going to yoga. Not to brag, but last year we even went on a team retreat to Hawaii.
  • Exciting.  We work with some incredible clients and sometimes get sneak peaks of products before they are released to the public. Each project comes with new challenges and new connections to be made.

  • Dynamic. We take on many roles. Sometimes we are project managers, sometimes researchers, sometimes video editors. Always, we are learning.

  • Healthy. We take breaks to stretch, run up and down the stairs, bounce on yoga balls, and take walks in the sunshine. We support each other in balancing work with life.

  • Impactful. In our small team, each member makes a huge difference. We pursue our individual interests in new clients, new methods, new ideas--anything large or small--and discuss it with the group. Each member helps co-create the company’s future.

If you are interested in working at Progress, please reach out to us at business@experienceprogress.com with any questions or to submit your cover letter and resume.