“From the very beginning, each member of Progress’ team understood exactly what we were trying to accomplish and brought different parts and pieces to the table. It’s allowed us to move in a more productive and efficient manner in creating our prototype.”
— Michele Ruschhaupt, Owner, Format LLC

 To keep pace with evolving needs in education, Progress worked with Format LLC to design a digital textbook.

Format LLC engaged Progress to help assess a developing concept for an online textbook. Using Balsamiq, we turned their ideas into a wireframe and tested the design with users for feedback via a series of remote lab sessions. Based on direct feedback, we created a fully interactive prototype in Axure for further development.

How Prototyping Can Work For You

We create prototypes ranging from pen and paper to realistic mock products for websites, apps, wearables, robotics, and home automation. This turns your ideas into something tangible to be experienced and further developed.

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