Contextual Interviews: We visit people in their homes, workplaces, and other environments where they use products. Instead of sticking to a script, we observe people’s natural behaviors and inquire about what is presently happening. This ethnographic style of interviewing allows us to learn more people’s worlds and yield rich, in-depth findings to direct your product’s development.

Diary Studies: This longitudinal method provides real-time data on how people feel about a product or process over time. Participants self-report their experiences in short videos and weekly surveys using their smartphones. We also regularly interview participants, in person or remotely. We compile and analyze these stories to understand people’s needs and provide your design a winning direction.

Field Research: In field research, we go experience what your customers are experiencing. We can shadow shoppers for a retail study or ride buses all over town for a transit study. Whatever your users do, we see what it is really like and convey it to you in actionable findings.

Card Sorting: Card-sorting shows us how people expect content to be organized in navigation, menus, and other information architecture. Participants put items into categories, and we analyze their choices to create an intuitive structure.