The Heart of UX: Moderation Skills Series

Heart of UX

The Heart of UX- Cultivating Tools for Empathic Connection

You’ve given us tangible ideas on how to approach (research). I’m definitely taking these ideas back to my team.
- Katryn S., University of Texas at Austin

We are taking UX research to the next level in this online training! Dive deep into the heart of UX research: the ability to connect with people and understand their needs. This four-week series of engaged, hands-on learning will deepen and strengthen your teams’ empathy and moderation skills with compassionate mindfulness techniques. This series is intended for those just beginning in UX research as well as seasoned and experienced researchers and designers, as it integrates breakthrough approaches in the psychology of connection with classic methods of data collection. How do we truly encourage empathy in design? Learn the proven skills that it takes to actually BE empathic and foster connection- between clients, employees and participants.

What To Expect

Attendees will have active, engaged opportunities to learn and practice. We will cover the science behind our method, and attendees will gain a valuable toolkit—the art of going off script and into the present moment! Through experiential exercises, we will learn simple, powerful connection skills that make research come alive. The series will culminate in a day of hands on activities, in which attendees will have the opportunity to practice with a camera and lab equipment.


This series is designed as a professional development course for companies with design and research teams. Develop a rich culture and help employees grow professionally while deepening life skills with this 4 part interactive series. Attendees will graduate with:

  • Improved job performance

  • A new set of conflict resolution skills

  • A refreshed and enthusiastic attitude

  • A way to connect to their work and their world more deeply

  • Specific and reliable tools for empathy

  • A deeper understanding of how empathic connection enriches the data collection, as well as overall performance



Class 1: Schrödinger's cat, Jakob Nielsen’s dog and the tyranny of the observer effect

Class 2: Perspective: Intentionality and Setting the Aperture

Class 3: Depth in Connection

Class 4: The Intentional researcher


Want to learn more about the workshop series or have additional questions?
Contact Jessica Steinbomer
Phone: 206-669-0813

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The Heart of UX: Moderation Skills Series

This four week series will be conducted online via Zoom and is intended for groups up to 10 people. For a larger group, please contact Jessica at 206-669-0813

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The Heart of UX: Ethnographic Methods

Your workshop deepened my skills as a design researcher. I learned a ton and had fun too - thanks!
- Peter C.

What To Expect

Ethnographic field work gets us out of the lab and into people’s worlds: their homes, workplaces, in transit, wherever we need to go for the richest insights. In this workshop, you will sharpen your observational and empathetic skills to become an attuned researcher. We will be teaching a compassionate, mindful approach that supports you as the researcher and empowers you to connect with participants in a way that brings subconscious needs to light.

The workshop will be a working session, so feel free to bring actual products or challenges with you. In addition to practicing the ethnographic process, you can expect to have time for writing, brainstorming, and even yoga!

Progress's workshop will take place at a relaxing Hill Country oasis, 30 minutes Southwest of downtown Austin, near several wineries. Lunches will be catered each day and there will be an optional final dinner at Salt Lick! Lodging is not included (but we can make some good suggestions).


Progress instructors include Senior Researchers Jon-Eric Steinbomer and Jessica Sears Steinbomer.

Day 1: Ethnographic Research Methods and Techniques

  • When and Why to Use an Ethnographic Approach

  • Method Overview: Contextual Interviews

  • Method Overview: Participant Observation

  • Learn and Practice Techniques: Engaged Curiosity, Tracking, Reflective Listening, Questions and Directives

Day 2: Methods and Techniques in Action

  • Practice Session: Conduct a Contextual Interview

  • Practice Session: Collect Data through Participant Observation

  • Debrief Sessions

Day 3: Data Analysis, Theme Development, and Creative Insights

  • Assess Needs and Develop Need Statements

  • Affinity Diagramming for Theme Development

  • Synthesis: Brainstorm Ideas for Recommendation

Sample Schedule

9am-10:30am - Overview and Research Mini-Exercises
10:30am-11am - Break (Optional Yoga)
11am-12pm - Practice Session
12pm-1pm - Lunch
1pm-2pm - Practice Session
2pm-2:30pm - Break
3:30pm-4pm - Question and Answer Time
4pm-4:30pm - Writing Session: Integration and Reflection

4:30pm-5pm - Closing


Want to learn more about the workshop or have additional questions?
Contact Jessica Steinbomer
Phone: 206-6690813

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Ethnographic Methods Workshop
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