Since fall 2014, we've been working with Capital Metro to improve the Central Texas transit system.

Capital Metro wanted to improve people’s experience using public transportation. We’ve conducted many user experience research studies and partnered with skilled design and advocacy teams to make it happen.

Our field research took us to bus stops and rail stations in Austin and Leander to talk to hundreds of people about how they use Capital Metro transit, its website and its app. This gave us a solid understanding of riders’ needs, which informed future redesign efforts. 

We then provided testing for our partners Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing and Blink, Inc. to use in a web redesign and app overhaul. The final redesign incorporating this rich research is due to roll out later this year.

“Progress clearly explained the usability concerns. It was obvious they did their research and got to know the product prior to testing. They were kind and gentle with participants as well as breaking the news to the development team. The presentation deck was put together very well - they offered great examples for how things could be improved.”
— Carol Gibson, Project Manager, Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing

How User Research Can Work For You

We get to know the actual people you want to use your product. We observe, interview and interact with them in their environments to learn what would really work. This invaluable insight gives your design a sure direction.