“Progress works with us to turn around projects on tight timelines. We keep in close contact throughout the research process to tweak methods and talk to the researchers about patterns they are seeing or the concerns of our designers. We’ve worked with them on a whole range of studies including industrial design, usability testing, and A/B comparison and are consistently impressed with the results.”
— John Dial, Director of User Experience, Icontrol

Icontrol hired Progress to improve the experience of an innovative smart home security device, called Piper, from setup and installation to everyday use.

Performing out-of-box studies allowed us to better understand Piper customers' joys and frustrations with using the device and mobile application. We communicated these findings and corresponding needs to the designers who made the appropriate changes. We also validated the alterations via usability testing to ensure consumers found Piper easy to use, and subsequently conducted a comparative benchmark study to gauge how Piper stacked up with its competitors. Based on the positive research results, Icontrol incorporated our findings to improve Piper’s user interface, hardware and packaging.

How Usability Testing Can Work For You

We have people try out products while we observe what makes them happy--and what makes them sweat. After analyzing this data, we give you actionable recommendations to improve your product.

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