The Heart of UX

In years past, UX researchers used to watch participants from behind one-way glass and speak to them over microphones. They were trying to avoid the observer effect, the term for influencing people and therefore data with your presence. 

Of course, this set-up feels pretty unnatural for most people (with a setting reminiscent of a police interrogation room, people often feel that they are being tested, rather than the product!). We believe that the heart of UX is not separation but connection between researcher and participant, person to person. 

Not only have we done away with the one-way glass, we actually teach researchers to bond with participants in compassionate mindfulness. When researchers know how to connect skillfully, they can get more meaningful data. The limbic resonance that is quickly established can allow the researcher to get insight into the participant's subconscious needs and struggles. 

We will be teaching our compassionate method with practical mindfulness techniques in our upcoming class The Heart of UX: Moderation Skills Series. We will have hands-on learning with everything from the technical lab set-up to the interpersonal skills needed for exceptional research. This four-week series is appropriate for people working in UX research, as well as design, marketing, and journalism.

For more information and to register, visit our Workshops page. 

We hope to connect with you soon!