We're taking a stance! Promoting attuned connection in UX at SXSW

We are excited about our mindful, compassionate approach to UX research, and we want to talk about it! Specifically, we have submitted a proposal for a SXSW Interactive panel. We have partnered with two phenomenal experts in inquiry: Flint Sparks, PhD Buddhist teacher and psychologist, and Nic Askew, video "soul biographer." The commonality between us all is that we like to be with people, facilitate awareness, and deeply understand their experiences. Check out our panel idea, as well as Flint's Tedx Talk, and Nic's Soul Biographies

We need your help: Community voting for the SXSW Panel Picker will be August 8-September 2. At that time, we hope you will vote for us to help elevate compassion in research!